One of many highlights in Sri Lanka is to see some of their elephants in the wild and we felt that we could not miss out on this opportunity.

Whilst in Udawalawe we also spent an afternoon at the Elephant Transit home or ‘Elephant Orphanage’ which is the home to roughly 25 baby elephants rescued from the wild and given a safe home until they are ready to be released into the wild. Absolutely adorable to watch them at feeding time…and some were really naughty and would not give up their feeding place or tried to go for seconds!!!

Udawalawe National Park – Our safari started well before sunrise and it was great to see nature waking up and we were very pleased with what we managed to see; lots of elephants, including a mother and her young one, deer, a white king fisher, monkeys, peacocks, crocodiles and plenty other birds that we do not know the name of.
A slight mishap occurred towards the end of the trip, our young driver managed to dig the four wheel drive deep into a sand bank and we got stuck. We were left on our own in the middle of the park, in an open vehicle, while he walked off to get help as there were no mobile reception in that area. Luckily there were no leopards around that morning!